Winnebago Periodontics

ADV PERIO specializes in periodontics, which is the study of the supporting structures of teeth. Our team focuses on implant placement, deep periodontal cleanings, surgery along with periodontal treatment, and more. ADV PERIO is a trusted, locally-owned periodontics office that uses the latest laser methods along with non-surgical therapy. We use scientifically based and proven treatments. So, when you are looking to learn more about periodontics near Winnebago, contact our clinic.

Winnebago Periodontics Office

ADV PERIO exclusively concentrates on periodontics. Winnebago has a motto that reads “Welcome to Wonderful Winnebago,” with 3,101 residents. ADV PERIO periodontics office is in Rockford, Illinois, just a short 9-mile drive from Winnebago. Stay ahead of periodontitis with quality periodontics near Winnebago, contact our team to learn more. Our patients range from mild to progressed periodontitis.

Periodontics Near Winnebago

Periodontal disease affects half of U.S. adults over the age of 30. ADV PERIO performs and treats individuals diagnosed with periodontal disease. With regular deep cleanings, we can reduce plaque, which gives an active infection a better chance to heal. ADV PERIO is a trusted periodontics office and if you need a reliable specialist who delivers the best in periodontics near Winnebago you can contact us. If you need specialized periodontal care, call (815) 398-1376 to schedule an appointment.

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