Freeport Periodontist

Have you been diagnosed with periodontitis and are now searching for a periodontist near Freeport? If so, ADV PERIO provides a highly skilled periodontist who specializes in treating the serious inflammatory disease that affects the gums and supporting structures of the tooth. Whether you need non-surgical, surgical, or laser treatment, you can be sure Dr. Leonard Bernstein is a periodontist focused on customized patient care. ADV PERIO is a periodontist office providing the best in advanced periodontal care.

Freeport Periodontist Office

At ADV PERIO, scientifically based, proven modern yet traditional methods are implemented by our periodontist Dr. Bernstein to reach optimal periodontal health. Freeport is a northern Illinois city known for the historical Lincoln-Douglas debate. One thing that is not debated among our satisfied patients is the skill that our periodontist near Freeport delivers. If you are one of the 25,638 residents in Freeport who need a reliable periodontist call ADV PERIO.

Periodontist Near Freeport

ADV PERIO is led by a dedicated periodontist who is highly trained and offers over 25 years of experience. No two patients are alike, which is why we tailor a treatment for every patient. When you are in need of a periodontist call on the periodontist office that many patients consider the top choice. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Bernstein, our caring periodontist near Freeport by calling (815) 398-1376.

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