Freeport Periodontics

The science behind periodontics looks at the inflammatory disease process of gum tissue along with other supporting structures of a tooth. Periodontics can affect one tooth or multiple teeth. At ADV PERIO Dr. Bernstein is licensed in the state of Illinois in the specialty field of periodontics. He offers 25 years of experience in his periodontics office and has dedicated his life to serving his patients. When you need a trusted team to treat and educate you on periodontics near Freeport schedule an appointment with ADV PERIO.

Freeport Periodontics Office

Freeport is a charming community in northern Illinois and the largest city in Stephenson County, with 25,638 residents. Many patients consider ADV PERIO the preferred care choice for periodontics near Freeport. At ADV PERIO, we use a variety of techniques that include non-surgical, surgical, and laser treatments based on the best approach for individual periodontics. We are the periodontics office that offers the utmost respect and patient care.

Periodontics Near Freeport

ADV PERIO focuses on patient education regarding periodontics, and our treatment helps eliminate the buildup of bacteria through proper plaque removal along with tarter removal, which can aid in the reduction of deep pockets. Dr. Bernstein is knowledgeable and keeps up with cutting edge science relating to periodontics. Call (815) 398-1376 today to schedule a consultation regarding periodontics near Freeport.

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